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Wash clothings with washing machine what how ability washs is cleaner?
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In recent years, as life character rise, people pays close attention to trifling matters of everyday life more and more, and the use of washing machine of platen drying function, plant to this just about a kind of of lifestyle apparent reflecting. Show according to newest data, “ is in consumer of our country large city, the customer that has 60.7% hopes platen washing machine contains stoving function. ” consumer is right of platen drying demand exuberant with each passing day, for a short while, manufacturer of each washing machine collects the focus on this one market in succession, each are big the brand rolled out product of washing machine of platen of high capacity drying in succession, the high capacity drying of Er of the DD series of machine of platen of drying of the royal series that is like Yilaikesi, Xi Menzi, LG, sea series, become the market main force of respective brand increasingly.

Although wait for the stoving technology that is a delegate with Yilaikesi, Xi Menzi in foreign market at present,had developed to should mature, just wash clothes burgeoningly as home however dryer product, most consumer still does not understand very to the function of stoving washing machine. A variety of new ideas about stoving technology also exist on home market especially, if “JIT garment works,stop ” of ” , “ static drying, “ to become lukewarm namely vapour drying ” , “ times stoving ” , “ decides lukewarm drying ” , “ can the technology such as stoving ” . More invite customer to stoving washing machine it is how to realize clothings drying water of a mist. A lot of consumer put in such doubt: Can “ drying washing machine carbonado the dress completely really why on earth? Won't damage so dress stock? ”

According to expert introduction, although of all kinds technology is phyletic on market various, but actually the stoving technology of washing machine basically has two kinds only: Condensation type drying and heat stoving, heat electric heat canal is divided to heat again in stoving, PPC heats etc, have the distinction that adds heat source to differ, at present these heat the technology has advantages and disadvantages each. Accordingly, at present the stoving platen machine on the market uses condensation drying technology more.

Condensation drying technology is will hot water vapour coagulates liquid eduction, changed before dryer sheet relies on to blow sirocco to come stoving dress, reduce the hot drying loss to the dress thereby, this kind of technology is maturing increasingly and predominate. At the beginning of 2005, magnate of home appliance estate Yilaikesi rolls out two “ ceremoniously in Chinese market royal ” series washs clothes dryer, made throughout history the first by the washing machine brand that government of department of clothing of royal corps de ballet uses England permissibly, responsible England is royal corps de ballet is all of show dress clean, nurse. Series of “ royal ” used advanced condensation type turbine to do garment system. Dry impetuous hot air enters a bucket inside, undertake heating up exchange with wet clothings, absorb the moisture in clothings, refrigeration of condenser of classics of air of the damp and hot after exchange becomes water, outside machine of classics drainpipe eduction, the drying that finish. Of the indoor environment moisture that won't cause place of means of drying of other blame condensation completely and temperature rise.
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