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Repair the strange cry that eliminates washing machine simply
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If be repaired not in time, the works that can cause washing machine wears away to damage even quickly. Actually, mix through proper adjustment repair simply, can be eliminated or reduce vibration and noise.

” of phut of phut of ★ airframe “ is noisy this breakdown is to wash clothes more the floor that generation collides between bucket and crust or washing machine sets is rough whole or the contact that 4 leg did not maintain good with the ground. Need to adjust washing machine centre of gravity at this moment, place smooth, or proper on 4 leg mat space block.

When ” of chuckle of ★ impeller “ calls the overhaul, can put water, do not put clothings to undertake checking. The attrition reputation that if be when impeller is rotational,still has “ chuckle ” right now, because impeller rotates,the specification is when with wash clothes the bottom of the bucket has attrition to cause, if put clothing and other articles of daily use again, noise will be bigger. Breakdown reason may be impeller bolt becomes loose, can disassemble first an impeller, add the gasket that fills up proper ply in the end end the axis again, in order to add impeller and the space by the bucket. Eliminate both collision or attrition. If impeller outer lane is touched,swab garment bucket, answer debus impeller, on the reload after new nap.

” of bang of Pi of “ of ★ rotational skin is noisy because transmission leather belt is flabby,this breakdown is and cause. When the overhaul, can screw off the close solid bolt of electromotor baseplate, electromotor Xiang Yuan leaves impeller axis direction rotational, make take up of transmission leather belt, screw the close solid bolt of baseplate again.

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