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Beware washing powder remain washs clothes which kinds function caresses clothin
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Many netizens have such experience: Washing machine washs big bedspread, towelling coverlet or winter clothes, abluent effect may not makes a person satisfactory. So, wash clean what to mean after all?

The “ clean ” of clothings has double meaning: Besides purify besmirch, still cannot remain a bit scour.

The expert tells us, 4 big main essential factor affect the decontamination result of washing machine: They are mechanical action (current, wash clothes canister wall and place wash the mutual attrition between clothings to strike action each other, make adhere to the dirty content on clothings is broken away from) ; The temperature of water; Scour and water quality; And washing time. This 4 big essential factor are contacted each other, joint action. If an element is changed, other essential factor also must change accordingly, in order to achieve optimal catharsis result.

Usually, once washing machine is started, catharsis program just is carried out step-by-steply, take care of different clothings situation very hard in the round, assure harder to achieve the result of complete decontamination every time.

So, do these problems have method to solve?

Yes, the computer washing machine of new generation can solve above to trouble for us.

Sold many computer platen washing machine on field to have advanced “ at present function of puissant decontamination ” . Encounter deep-seated bilge every time, when ability of common catharsis program is limited, it can increase the time that beat rub rubs and strength automatically, assure complete purify the dense be soiled on every dress.

After bilge purify, cleared to rudimental foamy become a key. The scour that remains on clothings, harm dress material not only, righter human body skin is harmful. Now, be readily solved of this one difficult problem. The function of ” of “ bubble self check with computer platen advanced washing machine, can detect automatically before full ends spare bubble capacity, whether does automatic judgement increase full. If the flavour to scour is special sensitive, function of ” of “ additional full still can increase full again automatically, accomplish more complete cleared, make sure clothings is true “ is clean”

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