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Washing machine is energy-saving not only look can effect marks
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From this month 1 day rises, 1.0—13.0 kilogram impeller type and washing machine of rolling-type family expenses must be added stick can effect label ability is sold in the market. A lot of consumer feel, want “ to see mark buy machine ” only later, select the product of advanced course, the dress is washed come out to save water to omit report clean. And the expert inside course of study expresses however, such idea has an error, the product of advanced course still must add correct catharsis means ability to be accomplished truly energy-saving.

1 class shows a product can effect state is in international to precede horizontal;2 class states energy-saving;3 class expresses to be in class of;4 of domestic average level to express can class of;5 of effect level deviation is market admittance index, must not be in China under the product of 5 class production, entrance, sale.

Reporter yesterday (7 years on March 19) come one large home appliance sells 3 annulus special administrative area of field washing machine on the west see, the washing machine of each brand type of here sale affixed “ almost can effect label ” . One is in the consumer of product of choose and buy, the hand is pointing to the place on machine to stick can effect label keeps seeking advice guide the member that buy. Guide the member that buy also not tire of its explain grade irritatedly to its 2 stating what, catharsis is compared is what to point to. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive subsequently, many consumer feel washing machine was stuck now can effect mark, very intuitionistic when the choose and buy, “ sees mark buy after machine”OK.

And the reporter interviewed the expert inside a few course of study, they express however, can effect label just gives consumer to an intuitionistic product function understands and be compared from time to tome in the choose and buy, if go after the product with advanced high-powered course blindly only, and oversight the accurate operation method when use product, cannot achieve energy-saving goal truly.

The expert inside course of study thinks, if use impeller washing machine, had mastered wash clothes how many pairs when water measures energy-saving very crucial, water quantity is overmuch, the burden of can aggravating electric machinery, increase water of power consumption; to had been measured little, the fluctuation that can affect the dress when catharsis flips through, increase time for washing, make power consumption increases. Deputy secretary-general of Xu of association of Chinese home appliance still thinks, when washing clothes had better wash after dip first, after letting clothings immerse ten minutes in catharsis dissolvent, tone becomes ” of “ fast catharsis, such already report of section water section washs clothings neatly again.

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