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There should be plane door after the grow virgin soil that washing machine is mo
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The ladies of diligent wash the dress, besides washing machine inside and outside wipe up, close plane door even, cover a cover outside even. Little imagine, the plane door that closes washing machine goes against what rudimental water divides to evaporate, cause mould easily still, endanger the health of family.

People perhaps does his washing without what notice washing machine still have outside the bucket cover a bucket, wash clothes water can make a round trip among the interlining in these two buckets flow. Interlining is not easy and clean, time grew the dirt with adherent and much meeting. These are hiding all sorts of bacteria that cause disease and mould in bilge, they breed more quickly below damp environment. When washing clothes, mould spore follows current to dispersed meeting pollutes the dress and transmit human body to go up, bring about people skin Sao urticant, allergic, cause dermatitis even.

What institute of Japanese Osaka environment undertakes to washing machine of 153 family expenses is special detect, confirming washing machine is the grow virgin soil of mould: When water by infuse washing machine inside the bucket after 15 minutes, the mould number in every premium achieves 4566 at most; After room new washing machine has used 5 months, the mould in the bucket begins apparent increase inside, and parasitism is inside the bilge in interlining; The washing machine that the lid drives to place after washing clothes is less than driving the mould measure of the lid 40% .

Accordingly, there should be plane door after washing the dress with washing machine. The impeller washing machine that coping opens the door should use dry dishcloth to wipe the water inside, the platen washing machine that side opens the door wipes the water in enchasing the gasket in the doorway even. Unused moment, should filter bag pick, air outside sufficient and dry.

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