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Everybody is vigilant pollution of washing machine chamfer endangers health
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Did the washing machine of your home maintain in-house cleanness? Does quality wash clothes to drop apparently after discovering time grew, send out peculiar smell? The state of washing machine sanitation that has respectively in Beijing, Shanghai according to national authority orgnaization samples findings, washing machine is daily the contaminative degree of catharsis water is very breathtaking, and the primary source that causes pollution is the washing machine chamfer that we do not notice, the harmful bacterium that already detected in bilge of washing machine chamfer at present has: Bacterium of beads of coccus of golden yellow grape, white, corruption hopes family name bacterium.

Shanghai home changes chief scientist Dr. Wei Shaomin to introduce, these bacteria may cause a variety of skin disease such as ringworm of the foot, tinea manuum, also can cause mould sex vaginitis to wait for disease of department of gynaecology at the same time, and at present the design of family expenses washing machine still cannot achieve oneself cleanness completely, after a lot of consumer used time to grow in washing machine, with disinfection fluid undertakes cleanness, but disappear venom cannot keep clear of contaminative fountainhead, the product of cleanness of washing machine chamfer that uses major only, every 2 undertake cleanness 1 times to washing machine chamfer to 3 months, ability keeps clear of effectively contaminative source, reduce contaminant pile up again, also absolved major to come at the same time of unpick and wash costly clean cost.

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