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Pathogeny of department of gynaecology unexpectedly out washing machine slot is
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By washing machine cleanness undeserved and the condition that causes clothings 2 times to pollute, the ” of murderer of “ number one that has become a female to contract disease of department of gynaecology. Colour of Lin Zhi of director of dermatological department of Shijiazhuang city a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics emphasizes: The common pathogenic bacteria on clothings, if not in time effect ground gives,keep clear of, what can increase a disease to infect greatly is likely, cause a variety of female diseases such as vaginitis, pelvic infection easily especially.

The data shows: At present bacterium infection is showing beads of domestic woman white to rise considerably trend, see Yu Younv, pregnant woman more, the woman of nearly 60% above has produced disease of beads sex vagina in lifetime. The data that sees this your person be left speechless with wonder or fear can'ts help associating to what center of control of Chinese disease precaution announced a few days ago to enter a survey result to family expenses washing machine: The bacterial number that average check gives washing machine achieves 13692 / Ml. Have gross of bacterium of 70 washing machine, total coliform among them group, mould appears at the same time exceed bid, 54.7% what hold sum total. And check goes out bacteria sort is various, include coccus of concealed of bacterium of beads of coccus of grape of yellow of coliform organisms, gold, white, fingernail to wait. Colour director says Lin Zhi: Detect in the chamfer inside “ washing machine the mould that go out is very dangerous to the female, cause the disease of department of gynaecology such as inflammation of mould sex vagina very easily; Affect mould, bigger to the woman harm of pregnancy, new student also can have the risk that is contracted; Still can cause a variety of skin disease such as ringworm of the foot, tinea manuum at the same time; And these bacterias are bigger to harm of old person, children, because resistance of this kind of crowd is weaker, make bacteria more take advantage, can bring about an infant to suffer from epithelial rash to wait for a disease directly. ”

As we have learned, full automatic the canister inside washing machine and outside the interlining between the canister is washing machine chamfer, catharsis water is mixed in washing machine chamfer inside the flow between the canister, accumulate over a long period, one goes out with respect to meeting accumulation inside groove black the bilge that sticks again, cause a large number of bacteria, the bacterium in washing machine chamfer, bilge remains to follow current and clothings contact when washing machine washs clothes every time so, those invisible bacterias adhere to go up in clothings, with companion of human body photograph.

Province disease accuses prevention and cure of central bacterium verminosis and alexipharmic institute director Introduction Liu Hongbin, the contaminative problem inside washing machine chamfer needs to use the cleaner of washing machine chamfer with antiseptic high rate technically to undertake cleanness, achieve the decontamination, result that achieves except bacterium synchronism. Washing clothes moment enters disappear venom is inextricability washing machine of the groovy pollution to clothings. He suggests at least every 3 months should use professional washing machine groovy cleaner washs washing machine, in washing machine the season with use tall frequency should increase more clean a frequency. “ wants to will clean washing machine chamfer to make the clean habit of domesticity regularly, abide by these two respects, washing machine pollutes this thorny issue 2 times sure be readily solved. ”
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