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Use washing machine also wants a method improper use can endanger health
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When some people are washing the dress, for section water, it is to wash underwear first normally, wash appearance next, wash a sock to wait again sundry, a bath after all, dirty black. Such although assured partial dress clean, can be the dress that washs finally pollution is very serious. Especially the underwear of sock and female is mixed wash a harm bigger, can cause disease of female private part.

A little factitious graph is convenient save trouble, put the clothing and other articles of daily use that all issue changing into washing machine to be washed together centrally, in the process of washing machine agitate, attrition, the bacterium on clothings, color, desquamation fiber, pollute inevitably each other. The clothing and other articles of daily use that takes cleaners to wash is more complex, have healthy person, of the patient, still have contagion patient probably.

Some undesirable businessmen are jerry to gain profit, leave out disinfection handles technology, also can bring about a disease to infect.

The washing machine of some other peoples never is cleaned, want to turn so that move to be washed all the time only, the wall that catchment is in is accumulated full cloth bits and bilge, cause many virus, bacterium. Wash clothes these contamination in the process and bacterium can be infected with the dress to go up.

Many people think the clothes is too dirty, or it is to think scour is cheap, often excessive uses scour, however full time is insufficient, scour often remains on the dress. Scour is alkyl benzene apperception closes matter mostly, it is certain to have to the skin excitant, still can affect hepatic function.

The scour that dry-clean uses is 4 chloric ethylene, benzine more, healthy to human body also harmful. Press normal regulation, the dress after dry-clean wants to be basked in through air of period of time, after waiting for these chemical scour to volatilize, ability is worn.

Above are these you often make wash clothes mistake? So, how be just correct wash clothes method? To prevent to wash clothes the alternate pollution in the process damages human body health, the dress of each one had better be washed alone, answer to wash the clothings of child, adult apart at least; Healthy person, ill person the dress is washed apart; Underwear, appearance is washed apart.

Not quite dirty clothes, too dirty clothes is washed apart; Brassiere, underwear, sock had better be washed with the hand alone; Too much scour is not put when washing clothes, want much full a few times, especially underwear more should such; The dress recapture of dry-clean will want sufficient air to bask in, after waiting for chemical scour to volatilize completely, wear again; Washing machine often should be cleaned and disinfect.

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